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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Guzzi Cafe progress - 2nd stage

..............and from this point on the progress will be slower as it generally takes time to add all those hidden away items,plus brakes elecs etc. Also I have other things to do,but feel I'm at a good point for the end of February. Don't want to get too complacent though, as we all know how the time can run away! The plan is for this build to have a slightly lived in look with a matt/satin black frame,scotchbrite finish on the tank,seat and wheels. The engine and gearbox have been grit blasted rather than vapour as the latter tends to leave a slightly brighter finish. The top yoke,headlamp brackets and rear brake plate are finished in a textured black which gives a slight contrast against the satin frame.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Guzzi Cafe project.

This has been very slow going since the Christmas period,but hopefully having got the frame back last week things will start to progress. At the end of day yesterday frame and battery tray in place,as always the first lower frame rail slots in place simply and unexpectedly the l/hand one was in place within 30 seconds.......................can't ask for any better than that. Within less than 10 minutes first stage done!

Monday, 19 February 2018

Bristol Auto Italia Day.......... apparently NOT going to be on this year. My friend Joe,who has his ear to the ground as a MAG area rep let me know today..................A great shame really! 

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Classic Bike magazine

February's issue of Classic Bike Magazine is on the newsagents shelves with a very nice five page spread on my last and words by Adam Bolton  (Italian Motor magazine)

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Makings of a seat

My friend Martin has decided on a different type of seat for his 'ride to work' BMW which I know he will put as much effort and make one off parts for as his other 'Specials' .......he just can't help himself and always does a lovely job!

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Special framed bikes - Krauser, Rickman,Dresda Honda and Simoto ?

A friend,Dave, who I first met approx 19 - 20 years ago is particularly a fan of  BMW boxers, but also likes bikes that have 'special' frames. He got in touch with me last Summer when a old bike of mine - Sidlow framed BMW - was up for sale on Ebay. Coincidentally another friend had put the seller in touch with me. To cut a long story short the seller let me know that he'd let the BMW go for a lot less than the original listing. It now became of interest to Dave and after a phone call they agreed a price etc only for the seller to renege on the deal. Obviously in the day or so that passed he'd had a more financially rewarding offer. Dave was particularly disappointed / gutted as he'd agreed to sell his modified Z750 at a very reasonable price just to help finance the purchase.
   Anyway,what came out of this was a few pics of  his other 'Specials'. He actually no longer has the Rickman, deeming it too uncomfortable.